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Our Mission


The mission of Thin Ice Ensemble Theater is to provide students of all abilities with a comprehensive, collaborative, and confidence-building theatrical experience through immersion in great plays, while providing the community with affordable, high-quality theater.

Thin Ice Ensemble Theater was established in 2000.


Comment on Molière: One Act Comedies, Spring 2012:

“I had the opportunity of viewing the Thin Ice Theater production. The performance and production is as good as many professional troupes I have seen! A pure pleasure!!!! As a theater goer, this was a joy to watch and witness the quality of the performers, the synchronicity and the production. Talent on every level!”

Dr. Miriam Dani, DDS, Kenilworth IL



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 Eileen Hand, Artistic Director

After receiving a degree in music performance from the University of Illinois, Eileen went on to work professionally in and around the Chicago area. Theaters include Apple Tree Theater, Light Opera Works, and Different Drummer Music Theater.  She went on to found Thin Ice Theater in 1999. She has been directing and working with young people since then.  She recently worked with Summer on Broadway at the Skokie Park District.


Cheryl Yenter, Company Manager

Cheryl Yenter has been involved in theater and music for many years. A music education graduate from the College of St. Teresa, she has taught vocal music and produced concerts and performances by young people of all ages. She has sung in and managed various choral groups. She has assisted the TIET costume designers. and because of that experience, has cultivated an interest in the process of costuming shows. For Cheryl, watching young people bring their characters to life on stage continues to bring great satisfaction.



Tyler Skafgaard, Instructor & Media

Tyler Skafgaard is a recent graduate of North Park University, holding a BA in Conflict Transformation with a focus in Theatre. Through studying and working with Theatre of Witness and Theatre of the Oppressed, he has experienced the importance of using theatre as a way to empathizes the real accounts of individual people. Tyler is excited to teach acting as a learning ground and place of exploration to build awareness of the world around us. Since having his first directing experience in 2015 he has had the pleasure of directing numerous shows, and developed a passion for directing and teaching theatre. Through Tyler’s internship with Thin Ice in 2016 his passion for teaching children grew while he learned and found a purpose in his major. He is looking forward to continuing work with Thin Ice, and helping children explore who they are and the world around them through Theatre.


Thin Ice Ensemble Theater Board Members

Eileen Hand, Artistic Director
Jennifer Sampson, President
Joseph Clary, Vice President
Clyde Gee
Annie Guter 
Hannah Guter 
Lauren Guter
Hannah Harper-Smith
Patty Mueller
James Paisley
Heather Pastor
Tom Edstrom
Tyler Skafgaard
Tim Wolf
Cheryl Yenter